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Simon has been my Personal Trainer for the last few months and not only have I managed to lose weight and body fat but also my confidence is building up. The motivation and push that Simon gives me has been tremendous. Our next step has been to concentrate on my nutrition which I have made a start on and already feel so much better for the changes I have made. I can’t thank him enough for the advice and constant encouragement which must be hard as I can be a difficult character. Additional to all the above Simon comes with a high technical background and is able to understands my physiological and psychological challenges I am faced with. I am blessed to have such an experienced trainer in my area and would highly recommend him to all those I meet. Thanks Simon 🙂

Nimisha P,

I have been seeing Simon twice a week for the past few months. I have lost weight and he teach me how I need to eat. I used the massage too and mu back is like new one. I can say that I am very happy to meet him, he is changing my life! It's a pleasure to train to Simon.

Maria C,

A personal trainer will get you to your goal, however it takes someone who is dedicated, passionate and knowledgeable to get you to stay there, and this is exactly what Simon does. He arms you with valuable information and insight, he works on nutrition and the psychological side of things to help you manage and maintain your success.
I have never met anyone as dedicated to a clients success as simon is, he works ridiculously hard to make sure you get to where you want to be and STAY there.

Frey A,

A refreshingly different approach to making diet and exercise lifestyle changes for long-term benefits. Highly recommended.

Shona B,