Fat loss. Reducing body fat.

Quickly and sustainable.

Body Development Centre is an expert in taking down body fat fast. By using a combination of training, nutrition and psychology you will reach your goals in the quickest possible time.

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Deep Tissue Sports Massage

It's not just for athletes

Sports, or deep tissue, massage is for anybody who has painful and tight muscles, nerve impingement, mobility and flexibility issues or who requires injury rehabilitation or prevention. There is no quicker fix to any of these issues. sports-massage-leg-black-and-white

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Detailed Training Plans

Helping reach your goals

Training with a professional personal trainer has a huge number of benefits. But sometimes financial or time restrictions mean that it just isn't possible. Don’t let this result in you not achieving your goals. Get a training plan and begin your journey.

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Connect with Me

On Social Media

Lets get connected on our Social Media and start your fitness journey today.

About Body Development Centre

‘A fresh approach to weight loss with a focus on individual service and permanent change’

Personal Fitness Trainer in Leicester

Hi budding body evolvers,

The names Simon. I'm Leicester's top weight loss expert, in experience and education. I'm an exercise scientist and personal trainer, plus I'm highly skilled at sports massage.

I also work as an online weight loss coach though my Body Vision app. You can get it now on your Apple device here and Android devices here.

In my 20s I managed to lose 30kgs, get fit and change my life. I did this using my unique and proven approach to fast and sustainable weight loss. Now I provide free tips and tricks through Youtube and Facebook and guide others to achieving their own transformations.

I specialise in:

1.       Providing a rapid weight loss personal training service.

2.       Applying strategies for maintaining your progress for life.

I believe in:

1. Individuality and variety to avoid boredom and maintain adherence.

2. Scientifically backed principles.

I've been providing personal training and sports massage to the residents of Leicester and Leicestershire since 2005 from my Groby based studio.

To learn more about my story visit my about me page.  You can read my latest articles in my Blog.

But most importantly. Give yourself the best chance of making a change in your life. There is a HUGE amount of free information and tips and by following me on  FacebookYoutube or Instagram. And I'm uploading new ones every single day!!

If you would like to work with me more affordably then check out my app. You can download it for Apple devices here and for Android here. Or find out more by visiting the website here.

Thank you. I hope your having a great day,




If your goal is weight loss and muscular definition and/or tone then you need to look no further. I have a proven track record of helping clients to reach their goals weight within their desired time. Please see below for package and price details.

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The first thing to realise about sports massage is that it is not just for people who play sports. It is for everyone. It can be used for a whole host of problems including muscular pain, such as back pain, injury rehabilitation, increasing flexibility, injury prevention and range of movement improvement.

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If you would like to benefit from my weight loss and lifestyle change revolution but are not local to Leicester and Leicestershire and want an affordable solution then don’t worry. I now work with client through my Body Vision app.

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  • Overcoming your plateau: Why does fat loss slow down and how can we break past it
    So I hear you’ve been working hard on your weight loss goal.  I hear you’ve been making some excellent progress. Awesome! I also hear that it’s all slowed down recently, and now you’re hardly losing any weight at all. Not so awesome…. What’s going on?? Welp, you’ve reached the dreaded...
  • How To Prevent Muscle Wastage: Get The Right Weight Loss
    In one of my other articles this week I spoke about keeping muscle whilst losing fat [link]. I wanted to expand on this point in this article as it is so essential to you and your weight loss goal. I’m going to breakdown the cause, problem and solution to muscle...

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