Fat loss. Reducing body fat.

Quickly and sustainable.

Body Development Centre is an expert in taking down body fat fast. By using a combination of training and nutrition you will reach your goals in the quickest possible time. Several options are available, so there will always be a path that is suitable for your weight loss journey.

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Deep Tissue Sports Massage

It's not just for athletes

Sports, or deep tissue, massage is for anybody who has painful and tight muscles, nerve impingement, mobility and flexibility issues or who requires injury rehabilitation or prevention. There is no quicker fix to any of these issues. sports-massage-leg-black-and-white

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Detailed Training Plans

Helping reach your goals

Training with a professional personal trainer has a huge number of benefits. But sometimes financial or time restrictions mean that it just isn't possible. Don’t let this result in you not achieving your goals. Get a training plan and begin your journey.

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Nutritional analysis

Your nutritional intake

The big missing piece. Looking to lose weight? Or build muscle? Well about 75% of these goals rely on your dietary intake, not your exercise. Find out where you are going wrong and what changes you need to implement with a nutritional analysis pack.

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Fix your posture

Fix your problems

Our current lifestyle is very damaging to our posture. This leads to mobility issues, flexibility issues, tight and painful muscles, joint wear and loss of power and torque. Gain the knowledge to fix this completely in just two sessions.

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Connect with Me

On Social Media

Lets get connected on our Social Media and start your fitness journey today.

About Body Development Centre

Personal Fitness Trainer in Leicester

Hi budding body evolvers,

Names Simon. Leicester based exercise scientist, personal fitness trainer, nutritionist and sports/deep tissue masseuse.

Si Pic With New Logo

I specialise in:

1.       Providing rapid body recompositions, including fat weight loss and muscular tone and/or size gains.

2.       Providing long term lifestyle adjustments.

3.       Fixing consistent muscular and nerve pain and repetitive strain injury.

I believe in:

1. Scientifically backed principles and techniques,

2. Variety to avoid boredom and create quick goal accomplishments

3. Fully individualized plans focusing on the aspects of exercise physiology, exercise psychology, biomechanics and nutrition.

I've been providing personal fitness training, nutrition, sport therapy and sports and deep tissue massage to the residents of Leicester and Leicestershire since 2005 from my Groby based studio.

To learn more about me and my story visit my about me page.  To read my latest diary entries and articles visit my Blog.

To see what BDC is up to follow me on  TwitterFacebookYoutube and Instagram.

To see what I'm up too personally add my personal facebook page.

Best wishes,




If your goal is weight loss and muscular definition and/or tone then you need to look no further. I have a proven track record of helping clients to reach their goals weight within their desired time. Please see below for package and price details.

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Group sessions help to make personal training available and affordable for everyone.  This means that if you can get a group of friends together you can pay less than £18 per person per session for personal training. So now there is no excuse for you and your friends to not reach your goals.

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The first thing to realize about sports massage is that it is not just for people who play sports. It is for everyone. It can be used for a whole host of problems including muscular pain, such as a stiff upper or lower back or knee pain, injury rehabilitation, flexibility increases, injury prevention and range of movement improvement.

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This service is perfect if you suffer from muscular or joint aches and pains. These can include, but are not limited to, pain in the upper and lower back, inflexible and stiff hips, tight shoulders and neck, knee and ankle pain and knots and tightness in the arm and leg muscles.

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The postural correction service consists of two sessions. The first session will be analytical. We will discuss any issues or imbalances you believe you are currently suffering from. After this we will do a full assessment of the whole body. This allows us to identify every postural misalignment.

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The nutritional analysis pack is a great way to find out where your current diet is lacking and what improvements could be made. This does not have to be aimed at just weight loss. Other goals that can benefit from a nutritional analysis include muscular strength/size/power, athletic and event nutrition or people who have special diet requirements.

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If you would like to benefit from my training knowledge, experience and techniques but are not local or do not have the money to pay for full time personal training then do not worry. I offer a comprehensive training plan package.

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