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Do you find weight loss confusing? Do you think sustainable change is impossible?

It doesn’t have to be. By finding behaviours that you enjoy and that fit into your lifestyle, motivation becomes easy. This improves adherence, leading to the creation of habits.

You can feel confident in your body! Let Leicesters premier weight loss personal trainer, who has aided clients since 2005, show you how.


The Body Development Centre approach differs from all other personal trainers in Leicester. This is because the whole focus has to be about you. What exercises do you enjoy? What healthy foods can you get excited about? This way weight loss becomes enjoyable, and easy.

Would you like to get started? You can take the first step on your personal training journey right now by booking your free, no obligation consultation. Details of how to get in touch can be found on the Contact Me page.

If you would like to learn more about who I am then you can visit the about me page.

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Finally, you can find links to the latest articles and videos below, as well as a form to download the "15 Steps To Sustainable Weight Loss" eBook for free! So there's plenty to get you started!


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*The outcome of services rendered can vary on an individual basis (Google penalised me if I didn't include this)



If your goal is weight loss and muscular definition and/or tone then you need to look no further. I have a proven track record of helping clients to reach their goals weight within their desired time. Please see below for package and price details.

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The first thing to realise about sports massage is that it is not just for people who play sports. It is for everyone. It can be used for a whole host of problems including muscular pain, such as back pain, injury rehabilitation, increasing flexibility, injury prevention and range of movement improvement.

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If you would like to benefit from my weight loss and lifestyle change revolution but are not local to Leicester and Leicestershire and want an affordable solution then don’t worry. I now work with client through my Body Vision app.

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