Introduce Flexibility Into Your Life

Simon Long

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Introducing Flexibility Into Your Life

Demi: [00:00:00] Gremlin Schmank, man, I got that girl on lockdown.

Simon: Hmm. Are you sure?

So it seems that you do so well done. These videos are clearly paying off.

Demi: Yeah. So what do we talk about now?

Simon: Well, I’m glad you asked because now we can play around a little bit with introducing flexibility once the gremlin is under control.

Demi: But won’t that make things harder in the long?

Simon: Sort of, but would you really want to be living without the little indulgences of life, or would you prefer to have this and that?

Demi: Hmm?


Simon: Okay. So the first thing you want to do when you indulge is [00:01:00] you need to accept the consequences. As an example, what you might find is that your weight the next day or possibly the next week, when you do your weigh in, May have slightly increased, but you would’ve been aware of that, and so you don’t have to feel bad about it.

The second thing you need to do is you need to be very clear on when the indulgence begins and when the indulgence ends. This could be a time, but it could also be an event, for instance- when I reach my friend’s party and when the party ends and I get the taxi home. The third thing you need to do is accept that that gremlin side of your mind is going to fight you a bit more the next day because it got you to indulge the day before and so it’s going to try to hit you with temptations to make you indulge again. So the fourth thing you’re gonna need to do to be able to keep that gremlin and its temptations under control, is you need to make good choices easier and make bad choices harder. [00:02:00]

Demi: Right. Okay. I think I get it. Okay.

Simon: Yeah, you do get it, but binging is not necessarily the answer that you’re looking for.

What you could do instead is maybe give away anything that you think will be tempting to one of your friends or family members or something of that regard. And to make good choices easier you could pre prepare or prepare as far as you can your meals for the next day, that would keep you on plan.

Demi: Whew. Okay.

Because sometimes, not all the time, I just have way too much food.

Simon: Yeah, I know.

Demi: Hmm.

Simon: Demi, are you coming back?

Okay. Well, I suppose that’s gonna be it from us, but if you do want to indulge, once you’ve got that gremlin part of your mind under control and you’re not constantly fighting temptations. Just [00:03:00] remember these four points. Number one, accept the consequences of your indulgence. Number two, decide when the indulgence begins and ends.

Number three, be prepared. That gremlin side of your mind is gonna hit you harder with temptations the next day or two. So number four, make good choices, easier and bad choices, harder ahead of time. All you need to do is those few points and you can bring indulgence and flexibility into your life, allowing you to have this fun and enjoyment and that your health and fitness goals.

I hope that’s been useful to you. If it has, obviously please do give us a, like, maybe share it with somebody who may benefit from it, because it would mean everything to us. But otherwise, we will be back in a couple of weeks time to hopefully give you some more useful tips.