Why aren’t you doing your weight loss plan?

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Simon Long

Simon Long

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Hi everyone. Simon here, and today I’ve got a video to help you work out what your reasons are for not following your weight loss plan.

This links in to a blog article I wrote today, so it would be wise to check that out too. I’ve left the link in the description. 

For this video though, I’d like to approach a conversation I have with many of my clients.

You see, when we’re asked why we haven’t done a planned behaviour, as humans we become very likely to point to external reasons. Stress at work, the kids were arguing, I had too much housework to do. Etc etc.

These are what we call passive reasons. They’re external to your control for the most part. And a focus on these will always lead to a failure of new behaviours.

The reason is once you’ve identified one of these issues as being the problem, it gives you a “let off”. You can shrug and say “well, it wasn’t my fault, it was their fault”.

The issue with this is there will always be reasons you can’t follow your plan. Stresses and pressures and constraints on your time will always exist. And if you’re waiting for a period in your life when there aren’t any to make your lifestyle change, you will never make your change. You will never reach your goals.

The other issue with passive reasoning is there is often very little you can do about it. You usually won’t be able to change the pressures your boss is putting on to you, or reduce the amount of traffic that appears on your drive home. So again they seem like an easy let off to not follow your plans.

So what i need you to do instead, is to start taking an active view of your reasoning. Look internally. Ignore the outer reasons, and instead focus on your effort. Ask yourself how much effort you made to follow your behaviours.

If you can honestly say that your effort was a 10 out of 10, then there is nothing more you could have done. The behaviour was impossible to apply. Maybe that means it needs adjusting, and the article above will be useful to check out to determine that. But you shouldn’t feel bad. There wasn’t anything more you could have done.

However if you look internally and realise that your effort was lacking, now you’ve got something to work with. Ask yourself what you could do to improve your effort next time, and then focus on putting this change into place.

Always remember, looking for external reasons you didn’t follow your plan will mean you are very unlikely to be successful. But looking internally, and seeing how you can increase your effort, will guarantee you will be moving forwards. 

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