How to beat temptations forever!

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Simon Long

Simon Long

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Morning Body Evolvers,

So I have been reading a book called Ditching Diets by Gillian Riley. And there is an essential piece of information for you contained within its pages. Namely how temptations work within our brain.

Now to make the concept completely clear for you its worth touching briefly on how your brain works. So think of it this way. Your brain contains millions and millions of electrical boxes. And every single one of these boxes is then connected to all of the surrounding boxes by wires.

Now every single thought, memory, emotion and temptation works in the same way. A signal fires from one of these boxes, down the wires and through a few other boxes. So whenever you think “Wow I really want a cookie” that is one of these signals firing through your brain.

To combat these signals you have to convince your brain that its of no use. And the only way to achieve this is to let it fire, face it, but don’t satisfy it. Or in other words you need to “ride it out”. To achieve this all you need to do when a temptation enters your mind is accept that it’s going to irritate at you for a little while, but that it will eventually pass.

What has been shown through scanning of the brain is every time you do this, the temptation trigger fires with less strength next time. Making it easier to ignore. Often you only need to refuse to satisfy triggers for a couple of weeks before they become very weak and infrequent. So if you got started today then by the end of March you could find your temptations are no longer dictating your weight, fitness and health!

It is worth noting though the difference between facing and turning away from temptations. Its been shown that when you hide from or run from a trigger you don’t get the same weakening effect. So make sure you face it, accept it, but refuse it and you’ll be on to a winner.

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As always if you have any questions about anything feel free to give me a shout.

Best wishes,