Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

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Simon Long

Simon Long

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There is a good reason that HIIT training has become the buzz word in the fitness world. The range of benefits is wide.

For instance if you are trying to lose weight, you will be hard pushed to find a better training method then HIIT. For one thing the workouts are intense; meaning the number of calories burnt during is high. However in addition to this it increases your metabolism, which results in you losing more weight even when you are not training. The intensity of the sessions also allows them to be shorter, which can help with motivation for people who are new to training.

Another benefit of HIIT workouts is that it can be used with almost any type of training. So if you prefer cardio sessions, that’s fine. You can use running, cycling or swimming, or if you prefer the gym then you could use the rowing machine, the cross trainer or the stair climber. If you enjoy body weight exercises then you can build your HIIT sessions around them. Or weight training if that is more to your liking. Even more advanced training methods, such as plyometric sessions, can be built around a HIIT training model.

This flexibility means that if you are an active sports player, then you can structure the sessions to become better at your sport. If you are a boxer you can do 10x 3 minute body weight circuits, which will simulate your fights. If you are a football player you can do running sessions with the interval and rest lengths specific to what you would usually do in a match. The possibilities are endless.