What can you do for training during the lockdown, and how do you stay focused?

Simon Long

Simon Long

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Let’s face it, we live in strange times right now! But with so many restrictions on what you can do, there’s never been a better time to start the exercise regime you’ve had your eye on for so long!


But how can you train with no gym? And how do you keep an exercise regime going?


Training without equipment

Your body is all you need!


Whether or not you have the equipment to train with, you can still hit any fitness goal you desire!


Want to improve your cardio? Well, luckily we’re all allowed out for one round of exercise a day! So try walking, jogging, hiking or cycling! Any movement of the body for 15 or more minutes will improve your cardio ability.

Go off the worn trail for lots of space!


Don’t fancy going out, or you’ve spent your one session already? Well, don’t fret, as there are tons of cardiovascular bodyweight exercises you can do!



Want to build muscle? Well, then all you need is a body and a 2m squared space! There are bodyweight exercises for every single muscle, with varying difficulties depending on your ability! The video below gives just a small idea of your options, and you can find far more by searching for “bodyweight training” or “callisthenic training” on Google and Youtube!



Looking to lose weight? Great news! Any exercise will lead to more calories being burnt, so you can pick either cardio or muscular training, depending on your preference!


Ceeeelebrate good times! Come on!!



Staying on track


Of course, knowing what you’re going to do is half the battle, but actually doing it is what helps you to win! So how do you stay on track once you have a workout to do?



Well, this is, in fact, a very common issue, with many people finding it difficult to turn intentions of exercise into behaviours. But don’t worry! I’ve got you covered! Because all you need is an action plan!


So what is an action plan? Well, it’s simple. It’s a clear, unambiguous outline of what exactly you will do, and when you’ll do it. The good news is, you already chose what you were going to do in step 1! So now we just need to decide when you’ll be doing your workout.


Now you could specify a time, which can definitely work. But often a time can end up being overtaken by other responsibilities, and then the naughty part of our brain convinces us “Well it’s too late now, so let’s leave it until next time”. And that’s if you even remember in the first place!


But another method does exist and has been shown to be far better at creating habits. Link to an existing habit! For instance, you could say: “When I finish my workday, I will do my 15 minute workout routine”.  By linking behaviours to existing habits in this way, you make them far more likely to occur, which makes turning them into habits easier!


Boom! You’re rolling!


Of course, sometimes things will come up that means you can’t do the behaviour at the chosen time. This is where the final aspect of action plans come in; If Then plans!


Essentially these are contingencies. They outline what you’ll do if you can’t do what you planned to. For instance, maybe when you finish your workday your child is upset and needs your attention. But in preparation for this you had already decided:


“IF I can’t do my workout when my workday finishes THEN I will do it after Timmy has gone to bed”.


And boom! You’ve got everything you need! You know what you’re going to do (needing no equipment and hardly any space), you know when you’re going to do it, and you know what your back up plan will be if things go wrong!



All of these factors make starting your workout plan, once and for all, far more likely!!

This could be you!


I hope that’s been useful, and of course, if you have any questions then feel free to send me a message. I can be reached on my Facebook page, my contact page or at si@bodydevelopmentcentre.co.uk.


Until next time though, take care and have a great day!!

Simon Long - Leicester Personal Trainer