Finding Your Core Emotional Motivation

Simon Long

Simon Long

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Hey everyone. Simon from Body Development Centre here, and today i’ve got a quick video on how to find your core emotional motivations.

This links in to an article that i released earlier, so having a read of that will massively help you to make sense of what im talking about here. As always, the link is in the description. 

But in brief, your core motivation is what keeps you on track when putting off behaviour change seems like the preferred option. Knowing what yours is will be the single biggest thing you can do to improve your chances of reaching your goals and maintaining them in the long term.

As an example, I once had a client who was at high risk of an early death if they did not drastically reduce their weight. And although they knew losing weight would help, that didnt seem to help them stay on track.

So we took a different view of the situation. Instead of using the logical argument that losing weight would help them live longer, we focused on the fact that losing weight would give them the time to travel the world, to see all of the wonders they had on their bucket list. 

This moves the reason you want to change from a logical one, to an emotional one, which as you will see in the blog article, makes long-term change far more likely to happen.

So how do you find your emotional motivation? Well it’s actually pretty easy. You just keep asking Why?

This may seem overly simple, but asking why is an incredibly powerful way to dig down to the core of why you desire change. It makes you think deeper about why it matters to you, and opens up your eyes.

So lets run an example. Let’s say you told me you wanted to lose weight. I would then ask you why. And you may say that it’s because it will make you more confident.

Logical argument, can’t fault it. But it isn’t emotional. At least not emotional enough. So we need to dig deeper.

An example of how this might go is me asking why again, and you replying that you’ll feel more confident in your clothes. I ask why this matters, and you may say that it means you’ll go out more. And when prodded on why this matters, you may say it increases your chances of meeting someone. Why again, and you may realise that what you really desire in life is a companion and a family.

Boom! Now you’ve got an emotional motivation. Now choosing the healthy meal over the takeaway makes more sense, because the healthy meal is going to help you to reach the life you emotionally desire. You’re not trying to convince yourself with just logic anymore.

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