Where To Focus Your Training To Get The Best Results

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Simon Long

Simon Long

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Hey, peps. Simon from Body Development Centre again, with the weekly knowledge drop.

Today we’re going to spend a short minute or so looking at where you should focus your training, once you’re getting into the swing of it.

Don’t worry if this isn’t you yet, just check out the blog post I made for you recently, which talks about finding the motivation to get started with training.

But once you are getting into the swing of it, start considering what you’re not so good at.

It’s fun to just keep nailing what you’re best at, granted. But it vastly limits your progress.

Let’s take an example. If you’re killing it at squats cause your legs are getting strong, but you can’t stabilize your spine,

then you’ll be trying to build strength on a floppy pillar. Same with running. If you can run, but the muscles around your legs are tight, you’ll be constantly held back.

Think of it this way. Let’s imagine you have a building that’s held up by four pillars, two of which are strong and two of which are weak.

If you only focus on improving the stronger ones, you won’t get a significantly bigger building on top, as you still have the same weak points.

Instead, focus on building up the weak pillars though, and then bring all four up together, and you’ll get a much grander structure on top in the end.

Okay that’s me for now. Hope that helped. I’m off to do isolation stuff again, but until next time, take care!