How To Get Your Environment To Help, Rather Then Hinder!!

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Simon Long

Simon Long

Simon is a highly experienced personal trainer and behavioural psychology expert
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Hey everyone, it’s Simon from the Body Development Centre, back for another video to get you where you want to be!

Today, we’re going to have a chat about how the environment influences your behaviour, and what you can do about it.

Now you may think, surely the environment doesn’t dictate what I do, but I’m afraid you’d be wrong! In fact what’s around you has a greater effect on your behaviours then even your self-control a lot of the time.

This isn’t always true. If you’re paying attention, you can easily overcome temptations that are around you. But the fact is, most of the time, we aren’t paying attention! And so the environment directs what you do!

So what should you do about this? Well take a good look at the environment around you, and see where the risks are. For instance, if next to your desk there is a box of biscuits, then you’re very likely to snack on them. But if you move the biscuits (or better yet get rid of them all together) then you’re less likely to snack! 

Even better, replace the biscuit tin with a fruit bowl or a punnet of strawberries, and you become very likely to snack on these instead!

I’ll be going in to other ways the environment influences what you do, and how we can beat them, in an article I’ll be releasing next week. So keep an eye out for that by following the Facebook page

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I also released an article yesterday that talks about social influence, and how you can beat it, which you can also find in the description.

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Apart from that, take care, and I’ll see you next time peps.