How do I get in shape fast?

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Getting in shape fast very much depends on what ‘getting in shape’ means to you. Any fitness and body developments can occur quickly with the appropriate adjustments to lifestyle, diet and training. But to make the quickest adjustments they have to be specifically targeted at your goals.

If getting into shape means dropping body fat then you need to pay attention to not only your training, but your diet too. You will often here that diet is 70-80% of a fat loss goal. This is said for a good reason. Its true! You can train as much as you want, but if you don’t create a calorie deficit (You eat less calories than you burn) then you will never lose weight.

Aim to eat about 100 calories per pound of body weight. If you are not losing 1 to 2 pounds of body weight per week then reduce your calorie intake by 100 cals per week until you are.

As for the training side of things, focus on interval training. You would want to use a mixture of cardiovascular and muscular training, but every session should be built around high intensity intervals. Also keep in mind that volume is key, the more training you do the higher your calorie deficit will be. But train smart, never train the same area if it hasn’t recovered yet. If you are an absolute beginner then 3 times a week may be a good starting point. People with better conditioning could aim for as many as 6 times a week.

For those who haven’t read one of my previous articles, interval training is structured with periods of very hard training that are separated by periods of rest. The interval length, rest length and number of intervals all depend on your current ability. I will do an article covering this completely, but a good rule of thumb is to do exercise at an intensity of 8 out of 10 for as long as you can. This is your interval length. To begin with make your rest length the same. Then see how many intervals you can do before you run out of energy. Try to add an interval every 2 weeks.

If you just want to improve your general and overall fitness then getting in shape fast relies on training variety. Focus on creating workouts that focus on a specific area or type of training. Example include muscular strength chest sessions, muscular endurance back sessions, swimming cardiovascular sessions, cycling lactate threshold sessions, core sessions and flexibility sessions.

To maximise the amount of training you are able to do you would want to separate workouts that hit the same area by as much time as possible to ensure efficient recovery. The amount of recovery time you would need depends largely on your fitness level, but your nutritional intake also plays a part.

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