Sports Massage

Sports massage is a very focused therapy, with the whole session being dedicated to your particular issue.  Although it can be used to treat sporting injures, my speciality is in helping clients to overcome repetitive strain injuries (persistent pain in the muscles, i.e. the lower back and shoulders) and posture correction. I have specialised in these areas since 2005 and have in this time developed an expert knowledge.

I'm a strong believer in providing clients with the knowledge they need to help themselves, allowing you to not only get past your pain quicker, but reducing the cost (as you will need fewer sessions).

I work with a wide variety of clients. They range from people who do no exercise, to gym lovers and recreational sports players, to Leicester City FC and Birmingham FC players, GB athletes, Loughborough rugby club players, music artists, professional boxers, large corporate CEOs and top personal trainers and coaches.

If you would like to come in then you can call me now on 07890 587306 or email me (,uk) to book your place!

Sports and Deep Tissue Massage Pricing

30 minutes: £20.

45 minutes: £30.

60 minutes: £40.

90 minutes: £60.


Sports and Deep Tissue Massage

Coverage: Leicester and Leicestershire

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About me:

Hey. I’m Simon. A Leicester and Leicestershire based exercise scientist, personal fitness trainer, nutritionist, sports therapist, sports and deep tissue masseuse. My core belief is to use scientifically backed principles to provide clients with quick results.

I have been providing personal fitness training, nutrition, sport therapy and sports and deep tissue massage to the residents of Leicester and Leicestershire since 2005.

You can find out more about me and my story on my about me and to read my latest articles you can visit my Blog.

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