This Weeks Top Videos: 27th August 2016

Simon Long

Simon Long

Simon is a highly experienced personal trainer and behavioural psychology expert
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The videos I think you should be watching this week.

If you come across any videos or articles that you think I should check out then throw them in the comments. Thanks!


The REAL Reason You Work Out (OR DON’T!)

A great video describing the real need to dig deeper and discover your underlying motivation. It’s something I work on with my personal Training clients from day 1! Absolutely essential!

Improve Shoulder Posture FAST | Banded Arm Circles

Anybody who has worked with me to fix their shoulder and shoulder blade positioning will know I recommend a banded rear fly. But I actually think this exercise is a better version of that exercise as it hits the movement in more ranges of motion.

A Better Way to 'Stretch' Your Calves for Squatting| Ep 85 | Movement Fix Monday | Dr. Ryan DeBell

Interesting video regarding ankle and calf mobility.

10 Minute Transformation Challenge | Connor Murphy

I really like this video . It just shows the tricks the weight loss industry can use to show huge changes in short amounts of time. I’ll try and sort my own 10 minute transformation if I get a chance and put it up on my instagram.


I speak about macro nutrients all the time and it never crossed my mind that people who read my blog may be thinking ‘at the hell are you talking about’? Well this video has you covered

The Most Effective Workout - How good is Circuit Training?

Great short video outlining the pros and cons of circuit training. Explains really well how whether circuit training is right for you depends on your goals.


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