What is the quickest way to lose weight?

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Simon Long

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The best way to lose weight quickly is to use a combination of exercise and a reduced calorie intake. The best type of exercise? Interval training. What is interval training? Well it is a workout, which can be either cardiovascular or resistance, that is done with intervals of hard training followed by a period of rest. A reduced calorie intake is eating fewer calories than your body needs, so that fat stores are used to fuel your body. However be careful as a drastic calorie reduction will actually make it more difficult to drop fat and can cause some significant health problems.

You can lose weight with no training at all, but it is difficult and a lot slower. If quick weight loss is your aim then it is advised you do three to six interval workouts per week, alternating between cardiovascular and resistance. These workouts should be structured to push you during the hard parts of the interval. In addition to this slightly reduce your calorie intake by no more 500 calories per day. Most people can achieve this by eating smarter. No junk food, no binge eating and try not to eat out too often. If you feel you are already doing these then try to find what foods you consume that are high in calories and try to replace them with something lighter.

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