How should YOU approach temptations? More tips from the top personal trainer in Leicester

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How should YOU approach temptations?

When it comes to cravings there are two ways that people like to approach the problem. And both looks at the others strategy with suspicion. They are the abstainers, and the moderators.

Knowing which title you hold is essential in your nutritional strategy. And it isn’t always as clear cut and obvious as you might think.

Abstainers are those of us who do better to cut off a temptation. To turn our back on it and walk away for good. I myself am an abstainer, and it allowed me to get over my years long obsession with cheese.

I’d always tried to just cut down, or have days I was allowed to eat it. And every single time it would get its grip again. Eventually though I decided to try abstaining, and within 2 weeks I wasn’t ever tempted again.

Abstainers will look at the other approach, the moderator, as if they are crazy. Always walking a tight rope towards being dragged back into binging.

You see the moderators allow themselves treats. To occasionally have some cake, or one more sausage roll. And for these individuals this works perfectly. Cutting something out for life would feel to restrictive and their rebellious side would come out.

They look at the abstainers as living too strict a life, not allowing themselves to ever indulge. But for the abstainers saying no once, and leaving it there, is easier for them and makes them happier.

Knowing your type is not always as straight forward as you would expect. Often people assume themselves to be one type, before trying the other and finding that works better. So test yourself before you stick your label on!

And remember, everybody is different. What works for one will not work for everyone. And knowing what approach to temptation is going to work best for you is a great bit of self knowledge to have as you progress on your path of progress.

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