The easiest way to burn the calories! No exercise needed!!

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Simon Long

Simon Long

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Hey peps, Simon from Body Development Centre here, your friendly Leicester based personal trainer!

So in the last video, we were chatting about what you could use as an exercise for weight loss. In summary, your body doesn’t discriminate, so you could use literally anything. But if you’d like to see the video in full, I’ve put a link in the description. 

This time we’ll be looking at physical activity, and how that can get you fit and help you to drop the weight.

So what is physical activity? Well, I’m sure a lot of you are thinking it’s just another name for exercise, but there is a difference.

Physical activity is any movement of the body, whereas exercise is movement you do specifically to improve fitness. This means what counts as physical activity is even wider than what counts as exercise!

Options include, but are in no way limited to moving hose, gardening, cleaning, playing with your kids, throwing a ball for the dog and even just standing! All of these are just general things that need to be done in life, but as far as your bodies concerned, they all need calories, and they all make you stronger and fitter.

But you may be wondering, how big of a difference can it really make? Surely doing exercise is far more important? Well, you would be surprised!

Let’s hit you with some numbers! To run a marathon would burn about 2000 calories. Not bad! But probably out of most people’s capability. But nearly anyone can stand! 

And if you stand, you’ll burn about 50 extra calories per hour. Do this for 3 hours a day, and you’ll have burnt an extra 1,050 calories a week. Do that for a year, and that’s nearly 55 thousand calories! The equivalent calorie burn of 27 marathons!

And that’s just standing! Get in the garden, and you can equal the calorie burn of a marathon in 4 to 6 hours. Cleaning is similar. And so as you can see, you can in fact burn way way way more calories with physical activity than you ever can with exercise.

Now, this isn’t to say exercise isn’t useful. For building pure fitness, exercise will often, but not always, be more effective. But when it comes to ease to fit into your life and motivation, physical activity will so often be the best option.

So there you go! With the last video you can see all the options you have for exercise, and with this video, you can realise that your options are even wider than that and that you could even do no exercise and still lose weight and get fitter. You aren’t limited at all! So get going!

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