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Hello Body Evolvers!

So in addition to the finding that those who sustain weight loss weigh themselves daily, there were other articles which included other suggestions.

The three most common were the following:

1. A deep understanding of the underlying reason that they wanted to lose weight.

Most individuals when they desire to lose weight use either superficial, or short term motivations. These include things like “I want to look good in that dress” or “I want to turn heads on holiday”.

For reasons that are far to complex to get into here this will only lead to temporary changes in your fat weight.

Fix: Discover the deeper reason you want to lose weight. Consider the opportunities it will open up for you? Also how will your life and the lives of those you care about change?

2. Using strategies they have a deep enjoyment of.

Anybody can eat nothing but salad and go to the gym everyday for a while, especially if they have a short term driver to lose weight.

But if you don’t like salad, or the gym, then you will never be able to keep the behaviors up for the rest of your life. Eventually your old habits will creep back in. Before you know it you will b back to where you started.

Fix: Experiment! Jot down every type of physical activity and meal you think you might enjoy. Then test them out. Keep the ones you loved, ditch the ones you don’t.

3. Developing good behaviors into habits.

Every time you have to decide whether to make the right choice with food, or if you should go to train today or not, the logical and emotional sides of our mind fight it out.

But you can by pass this decision making process easily. By making them into habits. Its a lot simpler then it sounds, just decide on a cue for a behavior you want to do regularly. The just practice applying the habit every time the cue appears. Before long the habit takes over!

Fix: Any strategies you find you enjoy, build into habits.

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