How to gain muscle quickly

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Simon Long

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To gain weight fast you need to train and eat right. But how?

Let’s look at training first.

Weight training is essential for muscle gain. The right type of weight training will also make a big difference toy our gains. High weight and low rep training is essential. Any type of muscular, or resistance, training will build muscle. However to build muscle at the optimal speed you have to lift heavy.

Aim for 2 to 3 exercises, performing between 3 and 6 sets and using between 67 and 85% of your 1 rep max. The amount of sets you do and the weight you use is determined by your fitness level. It is also essential to make sure that you push your muscles as far as they can possibly go in each and every set. For this reason you may need a training partner or spotter.

To make sure your energy levels and recovery is optimised it is advised that you split your workouts so that you train one area per session. You would also want to be training each area just once a week. People with lower fitness levels may choose to lower the amount of training per body area and train 2 or more body areas per workout.

Please note that people with lower fitness levels may want to do some muscular endurance training prior to starting heavy lifts. Muscular endurance training is when you use lower weights and a higher number of repetitions.

The next essential part of increasing muscular size is your nutritional intake. To give your body the fuel to grow you need to eat and you need to eat often. This does not mean however that you should eat lots of junk food. Focus on quality food. This includes unsaturated fats, lots of protein and lots of carbs. Avoid simple carbs and saturated fats.