The temptation tricks of your mind!! More tips from the top personal trainer in Leicester

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Simon Long

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Have you used excuses to allow yourself to eat poorly, or skip exercising, when you’ve been on a weight loss goal?
Have you been able to come up with all kinds of justification as to why you should be allowed to eat that pack of biscuits?

Probably right? Its destructive to getting to where you want to be. And if you really consider it, you do know that. So why do you do it? Well it all comes down to your minds incredible array of tricks.

In essences you need to understand that your psyche has too distinct sides. There is the old brain, that is concerned with your immediate survival and pleasure. This evolved a long long time ago. Then there is the new brain. And this appeared much later in our evolution. In essence it is what makes us human. And it is the rational side of your mind.

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When your facing up against temptation it is the old part of your mind that starts to pull tricks on you. Convincing you that you deserve a treat/ Maybe its because you have had a bad day. Or you have been good this week. Or that your picking lemon cake over chocolate cake so that is clearly the good choice right?

Your old brains tricks are varied, and will constantly derail your progress. Until you get them under control. And the first step of this is to recognize them.

A trick that is used in the Body Vision app is the use of a temptation journal. In brief this is a diary you keep of every temptation that you face. Write down as much information as possible. What triggered the temptation? What were you craving? What was your emotional state? In what ways did you try to convince yourself that it was ok to indulge? What did you do?

After you have done this for a little while you need to sit down and let you logical brain take a look through it. Seek out patterns. Recognize commonly occurring tricks that your old brain tries to use against you. This way you will see them for what they are and they will hold less power over you in the future.

This easy trick will help you to resist temptation. This way your weight loss journey will become a far easier one!

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