How Does Variety Boost Motivation? Beyond The Obvious!

variety boosts motivation with various photos of females training
Simon Long

Simon Long

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Hey everyone! Simon from the BDC again, here to give you you’re weekly knowledge!

So today we are going to speak about…


Using variety to boost motivation!!

**Party blower**

So how does this work? Well, there’s the obvious. It stops exercise from getting boring. Doing the same thing over and over gets real tedious, real fast. But there is more to it than that!

You see, when you have to focus on mastering new skills, you stop focusing on other things, such as time! And if you aren’t focused on the time, it stops dragging. 

This all works on the same principle as listening to music or training with a friend. Because attention is finite. You only have so much, meaning you can only focus on a limited number of things.

So when you give yourself new things to do, and you make yourself focus on doing them right, you stop clock watching. It even reduces the pain you experience from the exercise, as that requires attention too!

So mix up your fitness workouts, stop them from getting stale, and master those movements!

You can find out more about why mastering new exercises are important in the blog post I released today! And for anyone looking for a personal trainer to take the guesswork out of creating varied exercise plans, my new online fitness services are available now! 

But until next time, look after yourself, and have a good one!