You want to lose weight? Set a goal other than weight loss!

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Simon Long

Simon Long

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This may come across as strange advise. But if you want to lose weight, having a goal of weight loss can be a pretty bad idea.

Let me explain.

Its been shown repeatedly in studies that those who have weight loss as their goal are far less likely to lose weight, and also less likely to maintain any weight loss they do achieve. And the reason?

Well it seems to come down to a couple of things. The first ties into the multiple issues it has on your motivation.

For instance, weight loss can often seem like a very big task to accomplish. This leads to feelings of being overwhelmed. It makes you far more likely to quit when times are tough, or the scales don’t move as much as you hoped.

Another issues is that it leads to unsustainable strategies being employed. Examples include things like very low calorie diets, fat loss pills and extreme exercise programs. You’re drive to do these only lasts so long.

Eventually you’ll have to stop, and weight loss will cease.

When it comes to maintenance, weight loss is by definition a temporary goal. If you manage to stay persistent, eventually you’ll reach your desired weight. But the problem is, once we reach our goal, we tend to slack.

Because we feel we’ve achieved what we set out too, our self control starts to meander. We eat a bit more. Exercise a bit less. And bit by bit, the pounds creep back on.

So what should you focus on instead?

Well just consider all of the other health and lifestyle benefits you’re going to get from having more energy, enthusiasm and passion for life.

Focus on how each positive choice you make will improve your self esteem. Because that’s a goal we can all get behind. And its one that never has to stop!

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