What counts as exercise?

boys climbing sand duunes - alternative excercise
Simon Long

Simon Long

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Hey everyone, Simon from Body Development Centre and Body Vision here, and today we’re going to talk about what counts as exercise.

The reason I thought this was important was that I always have new clients (Bottom third= Online training now available!! See description for links!) telling me the reason they don’t exercise is that they hate the gym.

My answer to this ever time, is don’t train at the gym then! In fact, the vast majority of my clients end up not training at the gym, because your body doesn’t discriminate. And of course, with the current lockdown, training at a gym is impossible. So what can you do instead?

Well, any movement of the body burns calories, but lying on the sofa clicking your fingers isn’t going to get the results you want. So we’ll need something a little more challenging. 

For pure exercise options, the possibilities are seemingly endless. So what’s the important factor in your decision?

Well as I mentioned in the article I released yesterday (Bottom third= Link in the description), personal choice and enjoyment are very important factors. If you don’t genuinely enjoy an activity, you will never stick to it in the long term!

So instead of doing what you read or are told “is best”, focus on what you’d find the most fun! Think back to things you’ve done previously, maybe even in childhood. Or maybe there is a sport that you particularly like to watch and would like to get better at.  

If you really don’t know, then try a variety of activities, until you see which is the most fun for you. Off the top of my head options include hiking, canoeing, throwing a Frisbee with the kids, hitting a punch bag and cycling.

Of course, if your confidence in a gym environment is the reason you don’t want to go, but you do enjoy lifting weights or running on a treadmill, then you can always buy the equipment at home. You really aren’t limited when it comes to what your body counts as exercise. So don’t restrict yourself!

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