Why YOU Should Be Eating Frogs!!

Simon Long

Simon Long

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Demi: [00:00:00] Okay. What cool stuff are we up to today?

Simon: Today we’re gonna be eating frogs.

Demi: Ergh!

Seriously though? What are we doing


Simon: Okay. We’re not actually eating frogs, we’re just gonna imagine that we’re eating frogs.

Demi: Okay. That’s better.

Simon: Okay, so imagine a frog. And imagine every single day you had to eat that frog. And there’s no choices to not.

Demi: Why would I be eating a frog?

Simon: It’s a metaphor. Just go with it.

Demi: You have the weirdest


Simon: Yeah, I know. So we’ve gotta eat this frog. And on the one side, what we could do is that you could eat it first thing in the morning[00:01:00]

and then just forget about it for the rest of the day.

Alternatively, you can repeatedly keep putting eating the frog off. Which means that it’s constantly gonna be bugging at your mind all day.

Demi: Okay? So the lesson is if I have to do something disgusting, do it in the morning.

Simon: Close, but not exactly. The lesson essentially is for the majority of life changes you wanna make, be that exercise or nutrition, you’re actually not really gonna be motivated to do those behaviors in the early stages and the longer you keep putting these behaviors off.

The longer they’re gonna keep playing on your mind, which is going to cause you stress, making you even less likely to do the behaviors.

So plan to do your new behaviors at the [00:02:00] earliest possible time. As in eat the metaphorical frog, and then you can just get on with your day and forget

about it.

Demi: Well, damn, you actually pulled your weird metaphor around into something useful.

Simon: Honestly, I don’t even know whether to take that as a


Demi: Well, well you are thinking about it. Thanks for watching guys. Please share it with your friends if you liked it and give us a like.