Why your willpower for weight loss dwindles. More tips from the top personal trainer in Leicester

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Simon Long

Simon Long

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Hello my fellow Body Evolvers,

I wanted to briefly touch on the subject of willpower, or self control. Because there’s something fundamentally worth knowing about it. Its finite. A resource that doesn’t last forever. Think of it this way. You’ve got a tank of self control each day. And you burn through it constantly. If your child is being difficult you use it to keep calm. If your chopping vegetable you use it to not cut yourself. If your driving your car you tap into it so that you do so safely.

This is repeatedly proven in scientific experiments. If you give people a task that needs them to use self control, within every subsequent task their ability to use willpower drops. Its the reason that when you have a difficult day at work you find you’ve got no desire to exercise or eat healthy when you get home. You’ve burnt through your willpower all day, making yourself stay on task and not get distracted. So by the time you get home, the tanks running on empty.

So what should your take away be here? Well the end goal is to make positive behaviors into habits. This way you haven’t got to use willpower to perform them. So focus on using the tips from above, and your going to make life far easier for yourself.

On the Body Vision method of sustainable weight loss, I’m about to move into a heavy stage of research for it. I’ve just ordered 39 books (over £400 worth!!) which is going to expand upon what we currently have. So easy as its making your weight loss journey so far, its about to get a whole lot better!!

I’m also looking for individuals who want to work with me through the app for free!! This is to allow me to try out some different approaches that I would like to incorporate into the Body Vision method, but we need to check they actually work first. If you’re interested then just drop me an email to put yourself forwards!!

As always if you have any questions about anything feel free to give me a shout.

Best wishes,


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