How can cues get your behaviour rolling?

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Simon Long

Simon Long

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Hey everyone, Simon from Body Development Centre here, back with another tip video! Today’s going to be nice and quick, as we’re just having a quick chat about behaviour cues.

Behaviour cues are things you put into place to trigger your memory that something needs doing. For instance, you might put your gym bag next to the front door, so it reminds you when you walk in from work that you’re going to the gym afterwards. Multiple cues work even better, so consider all the triggers you could put into place.

Also, keep in mind that cues can lead you to bad behaviours as well as good. For instance, having the biscuit tin on the counter and the fruit in the fridge will encourage you to choose biscuits over fruit, so have a look around and decide what negative cues could be removed.

Of course, there are lots of reasons you may struggle to get a new behaviour into place, so to help I’ve uploaded an article today on some common barriers that stop new habits being formed. You can find the link in the description. 

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